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Offene Themen

Der Lehrstuhl bietet verschiedene Bereiche, in denen Abschlussarbeiten angefertigt werden können.

Machine Learning for Analyzing Industrial Information

  • Evolve a toolchain that allows for preparing database information in a manner, that ML algorithms can be analyzed
  • Evaluate ML algorithms to evaluate correlations (Energy efficiency) of industrial data
  • Performance evaluation based on statistical methods provided by numpy (Python)

Time Sensitive Networking

  • Integration of a simulation environment based on „NeSTiNg“ which relies on the Omnett++ simulator
  • Perform simulations for wireless technologies or industrial standards like IOLink
  • Develop ideas for improving the cross layer design
  • Programming will mostly be done in C+++

Realtime communication Testbed

  • Develop a realtime environment based on a FPGA testbed
  • Perform end-to-end testing, e.g. for industrial ethernet or WiFI (WLAN)
  • Evolve the protocol stack or improve specific protocol features

Publish-Subscribe implementation (for OPC-UA)

  • Setup a lab testbed to analyze publish subscribe capabilities of OPC-UA
  • Implement a meaningful interface iinto available cloud-architectures like AWS
  • Evaluate IT-security of the communication system
  • Programming will mostly be done in C+++

Smart Grid | Smart Metering coordination function

  • Develop a comprehensive scheduling algorithm in a manner, that electric vehicles can be charged with preventiong congestions in the electric grid 
  • Implement a software architecture to enable for emulation/simulation of real Smart City scenarios, e.g. (e-mobiity, photovoltaic, metering, prosumers)


  • communication networks and protocols
  • Internet of things
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